Professional Interpretation & Translation Services


The number of ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong is increasing. Yet, due to language barriers, they face difficulties in many aspects like education, career, housing and medical welfare. HKTS aims at removing the language barriers for ethnic minorities, and offering working opportunities with prosperous professional career path to those with tertiary academic qualifications. Simultaneously, HKTS provides sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired.  We are dedicated to creating a language barrier-free environment which can facilitate social harmony.


HKTS provides professional interpretation and translation services for public and private sectors. It helps clients to overcome language barriers, as well as spread diversified information to ethnic minorities and the hearing impaired, which can increase the reachability of their services or products. The free spread of information makes Hong Kong a fairer society, especially raising the social position of ethnic minorities.










● Member of International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) 



● Social Enterprise Endorsement Mark: Intermediate Level


● Business Environment Council Limited: Sustainable Product Supplier


HKTS is a social enterprise which provides interpretation and
translation services for ethnic minorities, as well as sign language interpretation
for the Deaf.