Quality Assurance

There is a rigorous selection process for Hong Kong TransLingual Services (HKTS) to select qualified interpreters. HKTS not only considers the education qualification of candidates, but also their performance on telephone interviews, written tests, oral tests and face-to-face interviews, in order to assess the accuracy and quality in terms of interpretation and translation.  


The capabilities of our interpreters are proven with their well-recognized written and oral skills or sign languages. We have paid great attention to the actual performance and attitude among the candidates during interviews so as to ensure the overall quality of our professional interpretation and translation services.


In addition, HKTS also cooperates with Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Professional Sign Language Training Centre. The cooperation mainly offers trainings to interpreters, as well as service supervision and assessment. HKTS believes that a professional third party should be involved, in order to provide objective opinions on improving service quality of interpretation and translation.


As a member of International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), HKTS refers to its guideline to design the contents of interpretation training to meet the international standard.

HKTS is a social enterprise which provides interpretation and
translation services for ethnic minorities, as well as sign language interpretation
for the Deaf.