Professional interpretation & translation company

Hong Kong TransLingual Services (HKTS) provides translation and interpretation services for different kinds of companies and organizations to break through the language boundaries. To facilitate the effective communication with ethnic minorities and the Deaf, HKTS provides diversified interpretation and translation services (including foreign languages and sign language) for clients and aims at building a harmonious society.

Scope of services

HKTS provides on-site interpretation, telephone interpretation, video-conferencing interpretation, written translation & proofreading, one-stop service, video subtitle proofreading and rental service (interpretation equipment).

Quality Assurance

There is a rigorous selection process for Hong Kong TransLingual Services (HKTS) to select qualified interpreters. HKTS not only considers the education qualification of candidates, but also their performance on written tests, oral tests and interviews, in order to assess the accuracy and quality in terms of interpretation and translation.

HKTS is a social enterprise which provides interpretation and
translation services for ethnic minorities, as well as sign language interpretation
for the Deaf.